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International Event Planning

In today's economy, one way to expand your business is by reaching a global audience. Even if your company has made a name for itself in the United States, you will still have considerable work to do if you want to compete at an international level. In addition to creating a web presence that's accessible to others, you may also want to host an international event to reach out to partners or clients abroad.

Your company may have an event planning group in-house who performs all the work for your domestic events. They may not, however, have the expertise necessary for international event planning. In addition to dealing with different customs and laws, they may have difficulty locating event suppliers and negotiating terms.

Keep Costs under Control in Your International Event Planning

At Global Event Solutions, we offer a full range of international event planning services. We can assist you with a single aspect of planning your international event or take charge of the entire operation. Our experience also enables us to look at the big picture and ensure that your budget is being used efficiently.

From renting facilities and hiring caterers to locating performers and overseeing the design of the event, we can offer whatever international event planning services your company needs. Whether you're hosting a conference, meeting, grand opening, or social affair, we have experience organizing a wide range of international events with clients such as The World Trade Center Palm Beach, FedEx and Junior Achievement. Call us today to discuss how we can help you execute your next international event with unforgettable flair.

Guitarist playing at a planned event.
Guitarist playing at a planned event.